Money 360

Money360 provides a one-stop solution to manage your personal financial life.

You can now manage all your expenses, investments, savings, loans, and credit cards on a single platform, in a simple and secure manner. It goes beyond just tracking your finances. With its proprietary Nudge platform, Money360 will help you build better financial health, attain your financial goals and create long-lasting positive financial etiquettes.

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What does Money360 offer?

Money360 score:

Money360 outlines all your expenditure, savings, investments, and other financial patterns into a  comprehensive financial wellness score - Money360 Score. It works in conjunction with our proprietary Nudge platform to continuously assist you in improving your score and thus your financial wellness.

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Money 360

Expenditure Categorization

Financial transactions are categorized to present an overview of What, How Much and Where expenses are incurred regularly.

Personal Finances at a Glance

Get a comprehensive representation of all your bank accounts, credit cards, digital wallets, investments etc. in a dashboard.

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Nudge Platform

Alerts for timely EMI and bill payments along with personalized suggestions to keep your finances in order.

Your data is safe with us!



We only leverage your financial transaction emails. No human shall be able to read the data. We don't read personal emails nor do we share the data. We’re in the process of getting our application verified by Google and audited by Google’s security assessors.



We ensure that all personal data and transactions are encrypted to ensure a completely secure experience for our users. We use 256-bit encryption on all the data we collect. So, what’s yours remains only yours!



We have implemented all applicable industry standard security controls that help us protect our users' data in a highly secure manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Money360

The Money360 app is a B2C offering by Algo360. It helps you manage your finances by leveraging your consented financial email data.

Money360 score ranges from 0 – 360, generated by evaluating your financial transaction emails using our proprietary algorithms.

A score of 240+ is generally considered as a decent score; higher the score, more better and stable your financial wellness.

Yes, we request access to your Google account as it helps us provide an accurate and comprehensive overview of your expenses, investments etc.

Your financial portfolio can be represented better if this is the Gmail account linked to your bank accounts, utility bills, credit cards etc. We only leverage the financial transaction emails from organizations. No human shall be able to read the information. No other personal emails are read.


Unfortunately, we currently only support Gmail. We will soon be releasing support for all other email service providers.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an iOS application right now. We’re planning to release an iOS app soon. For more updates, subscribe to us here.

Data Privacy & Security

Absolutely. Your Gmail data is safe with us. We don’t share this data with anyone either.

In fact, we’re in the process of getting our application verified by Google and audited by Google’s security assessors. For more information, refer to our Security Page.

Yes, you can unlink your Gmail account anytime you want. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to
    Search for Money360 and tap on ‘Remove Access’.
  2. Reach our privacy team at and ask them to delete your data from our systems.

Uh-oh! It looks like we weren’t able to find any financial transaction emails from any significant banks, wallets, e-commerce businesses or merchants in your mailbox.

Link Money360 with the Google account where you receive transactional emails from banks, wallets, credit cards, and so on.

If you want to change your linked account, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Logout from this account.
  2. Go to the home screen and click on “Sign in with Google”.
  3. Login with the new credentials sent to you on the updated email account


Currently, our product is still in BETA stage. In case of any discrepancies observed in the data, please reach out to us at

Money360 is currently in BETA stage. If you observe any discrepancies, please reach out to us at
We will be releasing the Money360 Android app on Google Playstore soon.
Stay Tuned!