Our Solution


Your customer has multiple accounts? Not a problem anymore
Get an all-inclusive and entity level view of the multiple accounts held by customers.

70 %
customers have relationships with more than one bank account
62 %
or above people using credit cards have missed timely re-payment of their bills at least once in the last 12 months.

Credit Cards

Missed a card payment today? Know how it affects your credit score
Be informed about the number of credit cards used, average monthly transactions and payments missed by customers.


Understand your customers’ electricity, gas, broadband and telecom usage, along with their payment habits.

70 %
Consumers who miss their utility bill payments are 70% more likely to default on their loans in the next 3 months
60 %
There has been a 60% surge in wallet transaction volumes since 2020.


Get insights on your customers’ wallet top-up behaviour and wallet share.


Obtain details related to currently active personal, home and vehicle insurance policies of customers.

6 out of 10
insurance customers have missed paying the due premium on time, at least once.
8 out of 10
customers have more than one loan.


Leverage the loan and EMI information generated for assessing FOIR and estimating credit lines.

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